" Distinct in academic excellence espousing diversity and upholding culture You remain with pride and dignity We, your daughters embrace you with highest praise. "


To produce refined Sinhala Buddhist women, achieving high academic and allround excellence while upholding the Buddhist traditions. 


The girl child of today is tomorrow’s women what we invest in her development today will influence not just her future, but her contribution, to her family, to society and to the nation. 


Knowledge is supreme. 

“Mahamaya Girls’ College has gifted the motherland well educated, well-disciplined multifaceted women fostered in deep rooted Buddhist culture. Her daughters are in the forefront of many leading schools and institutions all over the world with their academic excellence as well as great achievements in vast range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. They are given maximum opportunities for holistic education as a prime expectation of the vision of the school.”