the section was officially started in 1979 and the first commerce day of the society was held in 1996.

Teacher in charge- Mrs. Sunethra Ekanayake
President – Bihanga Balasooriya
founding year of the society -1996


the best entrepreneurship international competition organized by the association of chartered certified accountants and Queensland university Australia -4th place over many countries.

*2018 same compitition-selected for the final round in australia .

*2019 quiz competition organized by hillwood college -1st place

*quiz compitition organized by hemamali girls college -2nd place

*quiz compitition organized by sylvester college -2nd place

*quiz competition organized by sumangala college-2nd place

*open horizon’19 organized by girls high school kandy -2nd place.

*confiana’20 organized by kingswood college-runnersup




Junior Science Society

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